City Walk Delft on Radio West

City Walk Delft On Radio West

Debby and her men

The daily radio program “Debby en haar Mannen” on Radio West was Friday 19 August visiting historic Delft. Presenter Debby Roukens  with her Man on Friday Fred went on the road with city guide Sybrand de Jong of Delft City Walks for a City Walk Delft through the city Delft with a group of selected fans of Debby.

City Walk Delft

Sybrand de Jong of Delft City Walks made a general historical city walk with the enthusiastic group participants. After producer Maurice had created a group photo in front of the City Hall, we went to work. It was a serious city walk, in which Debby and Fred hooked in on the topics, which en route to the order came. Of course was started with a thorough introduction into the history of Delft, because that is the important basis for the walking tour.

City Walk Delft, Debby en haar Mannen, Sybrand de Jong, Delft, city walkDuring city walk of course by Debby and Fred in-depth interviews were held.

Nieuwe Kerk

After the introduction was a visit to the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). With the Royal burial vaults a church, which every visitor should have seen. On the basis of the scale model has Sybrand explained extensively what the situation is in and around the burial vaults. Of course, the beautiful tomb of William of Orange was addressed. There is of course also Hugo Grotius. In The Netherlands known from the bookchest, but international as the founder of the international law and maritime law.

Delft Blue

Was relaxing by De Candelaer with a demonstration Delft Blue vases and plates, using the hand-painting, of course, the coolest part is. We could of course not distract too much An, because if you put the wrong line, it becomes a second choice.

Vermeer Centre

On a visit to Delft must of course also pay attention to the famous painter Johannes Vermeer. After extensive attention to the life and work of Johannes Vermeer was visited the Vermeer Centre. This is the only place in the world where you can see all his known paintings together. Unfortunately, not the real, but still impressive.

City Hall

The city hall with the most beautiful renaissance façade of Holland was not only admired from outside. A short visit to the Citizen Hall had to be done of course. The map of Kruikius and the condemnation of Balthazar Gerards were of course explained. The explanation about the “microscope” by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in the corner at the Wedding Hall aroused much surprise at the attendees.


Going from one location to another, we have of course a lot more shown and told. The last visit was at the Prinsenhof and the Walloon Church. On the basis of paintings and the bullet holes is the residence of William of Orange in Delft explained.

City Koffyhuis

City Walk Delft, Debby en haar Mannen, Sybrand de Jong, Delft, city walkThe city walk ended at the 50 year old Stads Koffyhuis. Ferry van Winden gave us coffee and pastries. To evaluate the right setting for the city walk and the radio program.


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