City Walks in historic Delft

Delft City Walks

Delft City Walks offers walking tours in historic Delft with professional city guides. In historic Delft are the medieval dimensions still present. Everything used to be within walking distance. Historic Delft can best explored on foot.

Custom guided City Walks for groups

t, stadswandelingen, city walksEach City Walk in Delft is tailor-made by us. We will do the walking tours only for groups exclusive. You can not individually join a walking tour of another group.

“Standard” City Walks in Delft

To give you an impression we specify follows a number of “standard” City Walks:

  • General historical City Walk in Delft;
  • Orange City Walk in Delft;
  • City Walk Vermeer in Delft;
  • VOC (United East India Company) City Walk in Delft;
  • Agneta park City Walk in Delft;
  • Architecture City Walk in Delft;
  • Architecture City Walk Campus TU Delft.

Extension of the City Walk

delft, nieuwe kerk, stadswandelingen, city walksA City Walk can be extended with the following components:

  • Guided tour in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) of Delft (Royal burial vaults);
  • Guided tour in the Oude Kerk (Old Church) of Delft;
  • Guided tour in the Prinsenhof in Delft;
  • Guided tour in Het Steen (medieval prison);
  • Dinner Walk in different restaurants or Grand Cafés;
  • Cruise through the canals of Delft;
  • Tour in the Delft Blue Factory de Porceleyne Fles;
  • Tour in the Delft Blue factory the Delftse Pauw;
  • Tour in the Delft Blue Factory De Candelaer;
  • Tour with kick bikes through historic Delft;
  • Tour with Segways through historic Delft and surroundings;
  • An arrangement with eating & drink.

delft, stadswandelingen, city walksDo you prefer a City Walk without City Guide? Our quests offer the solution. Buy one of our quests and explore the historic city of Delft with a walk. You can also create a contest by answering the questions.


Do you want to do a City Walk in historical Delft? Please contact us. This can be done by filling out a form and we will contact you by e-mail or telephone. You can also call us for a City Walk. For more information, go to our contact page.

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