Delft, the medieval city of Holland

The historic city of Delft

A medieval city

delft, middeleeuws. medievalThe medieval historical city Delft is a nice place to be. Not only because of the numerous terraces and restaurants. Also because of the rich traces from the past. The settlement arose from about 950 in around the Court of the Count of Holland. Got his first city rights in 1246 and was given the name Delf. Later came the t behind it. This was good for the economic development of the historic city. In the medieval centre are still Het Steen (The Stone), Stadsboterhuis (city butter house), Waag (Weigh House), Vleeshal (Meat Hall), the fish market and the Cameretten, which here to remember. The historic city of Delft was one of the six chambers of the VOC and boomed in the seventeenth century.


Delft, Oranje, OrangeSince 1572 is William of Orange living with his family in the former Saint Agatha monastery in Delft. In this Prinsenhof he is murdered in 1584 . Therefore the Royal Burial Vaults are in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in the historic city. The still world famous founder of international law was Hugo Grotius in Delft born and raised. He is still prominent on the market. Johannes Vermeer is a world famous painter from the 17th century. In the Vermeer Centre is his complete work. Similarly Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, who as the founder of Microbiology is world renowned. He has lived and worked his whole life in Delft. Here he did his ground-breaking research. In short, if only because of these individuals is a visit to the historic city of worth.


Delft, Delfts Blauw, Porceleyne Fles, Royal DelftBut there is more. It originated in the seventeenth century Delftware is still made with great success. Many people from all over the world still bring a visit to Delft to a Delftware factory to visit. It is still made in the same traditional way. Hand painted. A box that has managed to defy the centuries. By means of a workshop you can create your own Delftware in Delft.


Delft, Vermeer, Johannes VermeerThe world-famous painter Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft. A real Delvenaar so. He has spent his entire life in the historic city. A visit is not complete without take notice of his work. In the Vermeer Centre is his complete work.

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