Water-walk in historic Delft

Water-walk about the history of water in Delft

Last Sunday a city guide of us a water-walk through the historic city of Delft made with a group of interpreters from Brussels. The theme for the city walk was water this time. Depending on the composition of the group is more or less attention to the water in Delft given by our city guide during a city walk, but in this case it was the express wish of the group as much as possible “water” in the city walk in Delft.

Origin of Delft

delft, water, stadswandeling, city walkIt starts with the introduction of the history of Delft by our city guide. By the development in a swampy area is there from the beginning been a fight with water to the country to mine can. As the mining progressed far enough, it must be protected against water from outside again with dykes.


Water can also be useful, because it was also used for transportation. The most important trading access through the water is still recognizable, even though that by the many disturbances in the course of the time for the layman is hidden from view.


delft, delfland, waterThe walk through, of course, also along the joint cottage Delft. The facade from 1505 is the most beautiful of Delft. The delfland water Board is founded in 1289 and in 1645 the property. When are also the coats of arms on the façade. The city guide of course extended to light about the measuring scales in the wall of the Canal. On the basis of the NAP is everyone clear how high this bit of Delft is situated in relation to NAP. And what about the slot in the stone at the Canal?

Climate change

Modern are the Weirs where the city guide during the city walk through Delft on points, because water can also for disturbances. To the thresholds of the rear doors of the houses on the voldersgracht to see, is that we better take good care of it, that the water level is not too high in the canals.

Map of Kruikius

delft, delfland, water, kruikius, kaart, mapIn the citizen Hall of the Town Hall of Delft is a large 18th century map of the brothers Kruikius. Our city guides this map can tell you much about Delft and water.

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